MA, Culinary Entrepreneurship

Master of Arts in Culinary Entrepreneurship

The Culinary Entrepreneurship graduate program was launched in Spring 2016 to create a specialized program initially focused on the business education needs of culinary arts graduates. This specialized program prepares students to own and operate small businesses in food and beverage service. The program is taught entirely in English, in keeping with the university’s mission, and is meant to attract international students who are not fluent in Korean as well as domestic students.

The Culinary Entrepreneurship Master’s Degree focuses on the academic study of business from an entrepreneurial perspective, aligned with the special challenges to food and beverage businesses via case studies, problem-based learning and internships. The current curriculum was developed by benchmarking US/ European schools of entrepreneurship.

This English-language master’s degree is the only degree of its kind in Korea and provides the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the entrepreneurial process. It is aimed toward the development of students’ creativity, judgment and business acumen.

The program is a two-year degree with two primary semesters of 15-weeks per year. The program is full-time and requires 27 credits to be completed to graduate. A Thesis is optional.


  • The minimum requirement for English as a foreign language is IELTS 6 (or equivalent).
  • A Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, Hospitality Management, Business, Marketing, Social Sciences or other related fields.

Program Highlights:

  • Program focuses on the academic study of business from an entrepreneurial perspective
  • Looking at the special challenges to food and beverage business via case studies and program-based learning
  • Enjoy enrichment activities such as field trips, guest speakers, tours and competitions
  • Participate in projects and students’ clubs
  • Build alumni network

Skills Learned:

  • To help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and business skills needed to launch a new culinary venture or manage a culinary enterprise
  • Skills that enables the development of intrapreneurial qualities among students who will be managing the operations of different culinary businesses
  • Skills that help develop leadership qualities to start and run a viable culinary business

Potential Career Paths:

  • Own your own restaurant, café or food-related business
  • Manage and run a family-owned, partnership, cooperative or social culinary business
  • Develop and market new food or beverage business concepts that can be scaled-up as a global venture.
  • Start and run an enterprise offering food tours and organizing food festivals.