Healthcare Management (SIMED)

Cultivating Global Leaders in Medical Services Management

Why choose Healthcare Management?

As an aspiring healthcare professional are you ready to meet the needs of the growing global demand in medical tourism and healthcare administration? Hospital organization, health assessment, human anatomy, healthcare communication, data control, and emergency medicine are just some of the areas in which you will become proficient when you study with us. Our program excels in creating skilled professionals with all the qualifications required by major healthcare and related institutions.

Medical tourism has increased significantly in Korea, Thailand, India and elsewhere in recent years. This increase also coincides with the increased number of international residents in these countries which leaves a shortage of staff able to provide good care to non-natives of those countries. The Medical Services Management Department was created to train managers and staff to not only understand the needs of medical services departments, but to prepare them to work with patients of different cultures and to form the bridge between professional providers of medical care in hospital and Health Care centers and the patient.

The goal of the program is to help students become familiar with the rapidly changing medical services environment and to learn specific medical service concepts and terminology. Students will gain expertise and practical knowledge on how to treat international patients from our international faculty members who have clinical experience. Students will gain hands-on experience while training overseas and working at some of Korea’s premier international health centers.


Qualifications and Certificates

  • International Medical Tourism Coordinator License
  • Hospital Service Coordinator License,
  • Hospital Administrator License,
  • Customer Satisfaction (CS) certificate, and more

Potential Career Paths

  • Medical Services - International Medical Tourism Coordinator, Certified Medical Interpreter, International Hospital Coordinator, Consultant for Foreigners Seeking Hospital Services
  • Medical Administrative Management - International Hospital Marketing Specialists, Health Care Strategic Marketing Specialist
  • Medical Information Systems - Health Information Technician, Health Care Software Developer

Quick Facts: 2017

Program Highlights:

  • Advanced learning to educate medical and healthcare professionals to meet global standards
  • Students graduate with knowledge of a third language
  • International opportunities available include practical placements, internships, volunteer roles, study abroad and student exchange programs
  • Field trips and institutional visits to understand Korean medical services and medical tourism

Specialized courses:

Communication Healthcare Communication, Medical Terminology, Healthcare Interpretation
Healthcare Health Assessment, Healthcare Therapy, Healthcare Ethics, Healthcare Program Development, Health and Medical Law
Management Customer Satisfaction, Medical Tourism Marketing, Conflict Management in Healthcare, Hospital Organization and Management, Data Control in Healthcare
Language Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese
Awareness Survey Methodology, Community Health, Quality and Risk Management, Global Wellness Production
Medical Emergency Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Medical Case Analysis, Human Anatomy, Health and Disease

Skills Learned:

  • Medical terminologies
  • Laws and regulations related to healthcare and insurance
  • General usage of medicine
  • Communication skills between medical institutions and patients
  • Emergency support and actions
  • Understand healthcare programs and data systems
  • Able to identify diseases and illnesses

International Partnerships

  • University of Incarnate Word – Texas, US
  • Eastern Mediterranean University – Cyprus, North Turkey
  • Pacific International Academy of Marylhurst University – Portland, US
  • Bloomfield College Healthcare Camp – New Jersey, US
  • MASHA University Global Practical Nursing Training Program – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • University of Utah – Utah, US

Domestic affiliations for Practical Training:

  • Gangnam Medical Tourism Center
  • Daejeon Sun Hospital
  • Gayang Hospital, Daejeon
  • Christian Daejeon Hospital
  • Numerous Community Health Centers

Potential Career Paths:

  • Local / international medical coordinator
  • Healthcare administrator
  • International medical tourism coordinators
  • Non-profit healthcare organization staff
  • Public health employees
  • Medical institution administrators
  • Physician Assistant
  • Health program administrator
  • Medical assistant / translator
  • Emergency medical technician
  • Physical therapist
  • Occupational health and safety specialist