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Media & Communication Arts (SIMA)

Educating Global Digital Media Specialists

Media & Communication Arts

Why Choose Media & Communication Arts?

Are you game-ready for the fast-changing world of global media and cultural industry? Our program is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the skills needed to succeed in today’s dynamic, digital media industries. You’ll be honing core industry skills such as storytelling, research methodology, and the ability to creatively articulate abstract concepts. You will learn to work within multi-channel networks in the field of digital convergence. Learning the fundamentals and how to apply them will provide you with the skills necessary to negotiate the broadcast, film and entertainment landscapes and be uniquely qualified in multi-platform media for our online, always-connected world.

The Department of Global Media & Communication Arts prepares students to use modern media communication arts to serve the artistic, cultural, educational, and informational needs of contemporary society. The program involves both critical theory and creative practice, leading to media content production, circulation, and performance as well as creation of various business opportunities within the new era of “digital technology convergence.”

Students are expected to work successfully in both critical theory courses and production activities. Graduates of the program will be prepared for employment opportunities locally and globally in the broadcasting, film and various other entertainment industries, in cable and on-line media, in video and audio production, and other areas related to global media and the cultural industries. Our graduates stand out worldwide as quality professionals in the “Korean Wave” as industry experts, performers, and marketers.

Unique Educational Opportunities

  • Study abroad programs and global internships
  • Specialized classes with top-level media professionals (television and film directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, etc.)
  • Specialized curriculum for the production of broadcasting, film, performance, and entertainment content
  • Specialized activities for understanding the “Korean Wave” at the expert level
  • Professional quality instructional laboratories including a 3D and HD multi- camera television studio, an array of field production equipment, post-production workstations, and a large-scale concert hall facility

Our Goals

  • Educate global digital media specialists
  • Understand new media and cultural industry within the context of the fine and popular arts, contemporary technology, and the humanities
  • Study global media production trends
  • Direct and produce creative content within the converging digital media, global culture, and latest contemporary information technologies

Potential Career Paths

Graduates of our department are ready to work:

  • In media and cultural organizations around the world, and will include some of the top film, TV production, journalism, network, and entertainment companies.
  • At jobs in exciting careers: planning, directing, story- telling, script writing and producing high quality media and cultural content.
  • As screen writers, cultural critics and entertainment analysts.
  • In the new media broadcast industry, as content business planners, as well as culture and media department administrators.

Quick Facts: 2017

Program Highlights:

  • Currently the only department in Korea that offers English taught programs in this field
  • Focus on training leaders for multi-channel network fields
  • Knowledge of media contents in production in Korean and within global media companies
  • Special lectures from top-level media professionals (directors, producers etc.)
  • Critical theory & creative practice leading to MCN content production, consumption, circulation, performance & Business

Specialized courses:

Media MCN Content Production, Media and Technology Convergence
Management Production Management, Media and Technology, Social Media and Big Data Analysis, Understanding MCN, Global Media Business Research
Computer 3D Animation, Photoshop, Illustrator, UI/UX Design and Production, Games and Prototyping
Production Lighting and Sound Design, Video Production, Production Design Practices
Practical Post-Production Workshop, Interactive Experiences, Visual Storytelling Workshop,
K-wave Korean Wave and Audiences, Global Culture Industry

Skills Learned:

  • Expert Korean Wave analysis
  • Production of Media and cultural content
  • Cinematography and editing
  • Knowledge about broadcasting and film producing
  • Online media management
  • Insights on global and digital convergence
  • Graphic design
  • Screen-writing and script writing
  • Planning, directing storytelling

International Partnerships

  • Swiss German University – Indonesia
  • Shih-Chien University – Taiwan
  • Management & Science University - Malaysia

Potential Career Paths:

  • TV and drama production
  • Staff in professional entertainment companies
  • Culture and media department administrator
  • Content business planner
  • Cultural / movie critic and analyst
  • Entertainment analyst
  • Screen/script writer
  • Korean wave industry expert / performer/ marketer
  • Cinematographer
  • Broadcasting
  • Film & Entertainment industries
  • Cable and on-line media professional
  • Video and audio production expert

These are the pertinent classes available for students in the Media and Communication Arts major.

Media and Communication Arts Class List


SIMA1711 Intro to Undergraduate Study
SIMA1811 Video Production Basic
SIMA1911 Photoshop & Illustrator
General Education



SIMA1723 Post Production Basic
SIMA1423 Media, Society and Technology
SIMA1523 Visual Storytelling
GENR1213 Software Fundamentals Education 1
General Education



SIMA2731 Applied Media Aesthetics
SIMA2831 Understanding Korean Wave
SIMA2431 Acting for Directing
GENR2211 Software Fundamentals Education 2
General Education


SIMA2743 Post Production Workshop
SIMA2443 Media and Cultural Studies
SIMA2543 Digital Newsroom Practice
General Education



SIMA3753 Drama Production
SIMA3853 Social Media & Big Data Analysis
SIMA3453 K-Pop Content Production
General Education


SIMA3763 Global Culture Industry
SIMA3463 Master Class
SIMA3563 Studio Content Production
General Education



SIMA4791 Graduate Exhibition
SIMA4471 Advanced Project Workshop
SIMA4571 Programming for Interactive Media 1
SIMA4671 K-Pop Sound Design
General Education


SIMA4483 Multimedia Art
SIMA4583 Independent Study
SIMA4683 Programming for Interactive Media 2
SIMA4483 Media Business & Start-up
General Education

2020 Course Descriptions Media and Communication Arts

Course Name Class Description
Intro to Undergraduate Study 1) Learning the goal, curriculum and specialties of the department
2) Learning the basic information about global media and communication arts major
3) Learning about Woosong University and SIS
Video Production Basic The class will be a true mixture of both technical (video and audio recording and presentation proficiency) and theoretical acumen.
The theory will be slanted to storytelling. The class will be a true mixture of both technical (video and audio recording and presentation proficiency) and theoretical acumen. The theory will be slanted to storytelling.
Photoshop & Illustrator Learn Photoshop.
Using the tools and techniques developed over the course of Photoshop and Illustrator students will create thesis projects which demonstrate their skill sets, while offering satisfying user experiences.
Post Production Basic Students will learn advanced editing, motion graphics(After Effects) compositing and other techniques of post-production in a workshop environment, working on project-based assignments
Media, Society and Technology Evolution and Sustainability Students will discover and learn about Media, Society and Technology of the media business.
Visual Storytelling Students will make storyboards and animatics, will analyze films and graphic novels for their visual storytelling and emulate these sources in their own pre-production and production pipelines.
Applied Media Aesthetics Describes the fundamental aesthetics elements of media aesthetics light and color, two-dimensional space, sound.
Understanding Korean Wave This class need for following first driven by the spread of K-dramas televised across East, South and Southeast Asia during its initial stages, the Korean Wave evolved from a regional development into a global phenomenon due to the proliferation of Korean pop (K-pop) music videos on YouTube. Currently, the spread of the Korean Wave to other regions of the world is most visibly seen among teenagers and young adults in Commonwealth of Independent States, Latin America, Western Asia, North Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern Europe and immigrant enclaves of the Western world.
Acting for Directing This course gives students skills and hands-on experience using a professional-grade digital video camera.
Trans Media Arts Basic
Our programs offer you rewarding studio experiences in well-equipped facilities, simultaneously integrated with rigorous academic studies and challenging curricula in media arts history as well as comprehensive and diverse theory and contemporary issue courses.
Post Production Workshop POSTPRODUCTION workshop class is a course that focuses on the technological organization, delivery, and creation of visual, sound, and EFX edited media in short and long feature formats.
Media and Cultural Studies Students will accomplish the following learning outcomes: It is using for Asia global media format, Western global media format and Techniques and trends in current global media format.
Digital Newsroom Practice This course is to learn newsroom TV program format production techniques using the latest trends on global media industry.
Understanding MCN
This course aims to explore how the mcn operate as a focus of ritual action, symbolic hierarchy and symbolic conflict. In particular, it explores to what extent theoretical frameworks already developed in anthropology and social theory can help us analyse contemporary media and mediated public life.
Trans Media Content Production
Transmedia is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies, not to be confused with traditional cross-platform media franchises, sequels, or adaptations.
Drama Production This course is to learn cutting-edge TV program format production techniques using the latest trends on global media industry. And this course gives students skills and hands-on experience using a professional-grade digital video camera.
Social Media & Big Data Analysis This workshop introduces students to the current social media landscape and explores how it can be used for maximum results for brands as well as agencies). Participants will leave with a detailed understanding of both the current social media landscape and how to evaluate which tools or social platforms are the best fit for their organization's strategic
K-Pop Content Production This is a subject that will practice the production process of K-Pop at the beginning level.
MCN Planning & Modeling
This course covers digital production in television, news, and other forms of media in our connected culture. Students produce projects in digital video with an emphasis on the processes of storytelling. Students will develop skills necessary to create and develop videos with the intent of posting online (YouTube, social media, websites).
Global Culture Industry This class about in which global culture industry operates through brands is a central theme of this book. If culture industry worked largely through the commodity, global culture industry works through brands.
Master Class This class is composed of special lecture series.
Main topic is creative programming.
Studio Content Production Students will explore the basic techniques and concepts of studio content production. Students will understand how to utilize and manipulate video through in-class exercises and exams. Lectures, reading assignments, demonstrations, and presentations are all a part of the class. We will study and analysis scenes from various forms of Digital Media.
Advanced MCN Project Workshop Understand the techniques to help conduct through MCN analysis of project.
MCN Entrepreneurship This course helps students to learn how to develop mcn idea and turn it into a finished new media format that an audience will want to see.
Graduate Exhibition We can invest personal time and generate own specifications for own development.
Advanced Project Workshop This course explores advanced editing techniques to create videos.
Programming for Interactive Media 1 This is the first in a 3-semester course, which introduces students to Programming for Digital Media (such as game design or storytelling). This course will be taught using Web Technologies that are freely available to computer users (mainly the web browser, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.)
Multimedia Art The Commission produces interactive fusion works by acquiring creative skills through practice of creating music and various programming techniques for creating multimedia arts.
Independent Study The independent study option allows students who are highly self-motivated and able to work independently to conduct independent research during the second half of the semester.
Programming for Interactive Media 2 The second course in Programming for Digital Media will focus on creating 2d and 3d audiovisual interactive content. In the beginning, students will become familiarized with HTML and CSS, the language for visual and interactive design of web content.
Media Business & Start-up Evolution and Sustainability Students will discover and learn about Media Business and Start-up. And students will accomplish the following learning outcomes: It is using for Media Business and Start-up.