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Academic Requirements

Four academic terms per year

The Sol International School academic year consists of two assessment periods (one fifteen-week semester followed by a five-week shorter semester) with a five-week break between each Assessment Period. Students may include the shorter, five-week term in their study program to result in degree completion within 3.5 years for early graduation and entry into the job market.

First year freshmen students are required to study in the first five-week summer session after joining the university; thereafter, the five-week semesters are optional.

An academic year consists of a Spring Assessment Period [Spring + Optional Summer (15 weeks + 5 weeks)] a five-week break and a Winter Assessment Period [Fall + Optional Winter (15 weeks + 5 weeks)]

Minimum Graduation Requirements

The academic programs at Sol International School have been designed to prepare our graduates to excel in their respective departments. In addition to course work, there are numerous activities to develop students’ knowledge through project work, external class activities, internships and volunteer programs.

The program curriculum is divided into five parts: General Education, Department Required, Department Elective, Free Electives and Minor. Students enrolling from Spring 2020 must complete a minimum of 132 credits and achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0/4.5 or higher to fulfill the graduation requirements. Students are expected to complete 132 credit hours in 4 years. The components of the curriculum are:

Category Minimum Required Credits
Total 132
General Education (including English) 37
Major 65
Minor 18
Free Electives 12

The curriculum provides a broad choice of Elective courses to help students develop their own interests and specialized knowledge to meet the challenges of globalized employment. All students must complete a minimum of courses in one foreign language of their choice, which cannot be their native language. The Minor program in each department varies and applicable courses are found in the Department Electives section.

It should be noted that not all courses indicated are available each semester. Students should confer with their academic counselor or the department Chairperson.

Study programs available include:

  • Hospitality Management (SIHOM)
  • Culinary Arts (SICA)
  • Institut Paul Bocuse, Culinary Arts
  • Media & Communication Arts (SIMA)
  • Railroad & Transport Management (SIRA)
  • Restaurant & Entrepreneurship (SIRES)

Residential Intensive English Program (RIEP) (a supplemental program)