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Vice President, Dong-Hyun Son, Ph.D.

It is well known that the modern civilization of the 21st century is characterized by ‘globalization’ and ‘informatization’ which has caused a revolutionary change in almost all areas of human life. The structure of industry has been restructured, a number of vocations reorganized and the mode of communication has changed dramatically. In the midst of all of these rapid and fundamental changes our Sol International School has been launched.

Reflecting and considering these phases of the times, we designed a new educational project: Our education philosophy is to prepare young men and women for a successful practical career that will be rewarding to students, the community, and the world at large. By maintaining a high standard in curricula and faculty, our students will lead the way for global foundation.

At Sol International School, all courses are taught in English by international faculty, who come from diverse countries and cultures. Our stress on the diversity of our renowned faculty results in bringing knowledge, experience, and perspectives from around the world into the classroom. Students receive experience and education in a multicultural environment comprised of a diverse student body of multi-national origin, which is a value-added aspect of our unique education not found at most other universities. One of our greatest strengths at Sol International School is to provide a learning environment in which students can truly excel in their academic studies and at the same time, learn how to be successful on a global stage.

Our degree programs are practical in nature; we ensure an education that combines both theory and practice in equal parts. With our growing list of global connections, we provide internships, camps, and short-term programs for our students to gain further experience and knowledge that ensures their professional excellence as they move on to employment. We have established international partnerships for our students for exchange and dual degree programs as well as internships through industrial connections leading to placement.

We look forward to welcoming students who are determined to develop a career in one of our degree programs. With the combination of our outstanding facilities, our dedicated faculty, and our cutting-edge curricula, our students will graduate among the top candidates in their field and be well prepared for global employment.

Following the spirit of the former Dean of SIS, R. G. Johnson, Ph.D.

Vice President ECIS/SIS
Son, Dong-Hyun Ph.D.