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About Sol International School

Sol International School (SIS) was created in 2014, as a result of Woosong University’s "Global Initiative" to fulfil global educational needs. SIS offers five English-instructed specialized international programs in the fields of Culinary Arts (SICA), Hotel Management (SIHOM), Railroad Integrated Systems (SIRA), Restaurant & Food Service Entrepreneurship (SIRES) and Media & Communications Arts (SIMA), for the completion of four-year Bachelor’s Degrees in each program. Two-year Associate’s Degrees are also offered in Hotel Management and Culinary Arts.

SIS is supported by faculty members having a rich industrial and academic expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge technologies that are aimed at nurturing the next generation of global leaders in offered fields.

Students of SIS have a variety of opportunities to obtain practical experience and develop professional skills in their selected field of study via internships in Korea and countries located throughout the world. Students can enroll in numerous exchange and dual-degree programs to study abroad and develop a genuinely global perspective. During the 1st academic year, students have available an intensive English language program taught by experienced ESL professors if they require language improvement.

Students are admitted based on past academic achievements and English language performance score. Newly admitted full-time students are awarded with up to 70% scholarship covering tuition and enrollment fees based on cumulative GPA and English test score (if applicable).

About Woosong University

Woosong University belongs to the Woosong Education Foundation which has a long history of outstanding work in education, teaching and training. Founded by the late Kim Jung-Woo, the Foundation established a vision for students. He declared that

 “We exhort our students to devote themselves to society, accepting the continual search for the truth. Encouragement of personal growth assures that our graduates will have the skills and the motivation they can be proud of. Our school will always uphold the same ideals we foster in our students and set new standards for education in Korea.”

This vision of Kim Jung-Woo has become a vision not only for Korean students, but for all young people in our global community, as we face new challenges on a global scale and as technology shrinks our world into one universal society.

Founder Kim Jung-Woo’s clear vision and passion about education, and the tireless efforts of members of the Woosong Education Foundation have made it a solid and dynamic institution with significant contributions to Korean society. Woosong Education Foundation has established Woosong university, Woosong Technical College, Woosong Information College, Woosong Language Institute, Seodaejeon High School, Woosong High School, Woosong Middle School and several other institutions.

Woosong University is a specialized university, located in Daejeon, South Korea providing specialized curricula based on practice and theory. four international schools: SolBridge International School of Business, Sol International School, Endicott College of International Studies, and JW Kim College of Future Studies Education in the International schools is conducted solely in English by renown international professors. Since the establishment of the university in 1995, Woosong University has signed more than 100 Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with universities and schools in more than 30 countries. Among the programs that have been developed are student and faculty exchange programs, joint research, dual degree, Study Abroad, and other programs.

Historical Facts

Opened Endicott College of International Studies
AACSB Centennial Committee recognized SolBridge International School of Business for its impressive commitment to engagement, innovation and impact. One of the best 30, among 300+ submissions and 200 institutions from 35 countries worldwide. SolBridge won the category for “Connect – Outreach and Engagement”.
Awarded CK-1 Government Funding and named Outstanding School by the Korean Ministry of Education. Awarded $5.1 million USD under the CK-1 (Creative Korea) Project.
Launched Sol International School (SIS)
SolBridge International School of Business receives AACSB accreditation
Awarded the 2011 Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology’s “A Leading University in Education” award and the 2nd consecutive “Council of University Education” award
Woosong University awarded a grant of $3 Million for Enhancing Innovation Competency in Higher Education by the Korean Ministry of Education.
Opened SolBridge International School of Business
Selected as Excellent University of Regional Innovation at 2nd Korea Regional Innovation Convention & Exposition
The Inauguration of Dr. Sung-Kyung Kim as Chairman of Woosong Education Foundation
Established Education-Industry Cooperation with Korea Railroad Research Institute.
Opened Korea-Vietnam IT Education Center in Vietnam (KOVIT)
Recognized as a specialized excellent university by Korean Ministry of Education
Established Woosong Culinary Academy
Received "Excellency in Educational Reform" Award by the Korean Ministry of Education (awarded 3 consecutive years)
Founded Graduate School of TESOL-MALL
Founded Woosong Health Clinic Center
Awarded as authorized facilitator for International IT Education by the Korean Ministry of Education
Selected as one of the best universities in the nation by the Korean Council for University Education
Named "Excellent IT Education Provider for Women" by the Presidential Commission of Women's Affairs
Opened Woosong IT Education Center
Founded Department of Information Science
Received “Excellence in Educational Reform” Award by the Korean Ministry of Education
Received “Excellence in Industrial Education” Award by the Korean Ministry of Education (awarded 3 consecutive years)
Selected by Korean Ministry of Education as Excellent IT Education provider abroad
Established Graduate School of Design, Graduate School of Management and Graduate School of Foreign Language Communication
Founded Departments of Social Welfare, Occupational Therapy, Sports & Fitness Management and Culinary Arts
Established Woosong Techno-Design Center and Woosong Language Institute
Received “Excellence in Industrial Education” Award by the Korean Ministry of Education
Received approval for establishment of the Graduate School of International Management and the Graduate School of Foreign Language Communication
Opened Woosong Foreign Language Education Center
Established Graduate School of Industrial Information
Opened Woosong University 8 Departments, 950 students enlisted)
Established Woosong Educational Foundation