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  • Hospitality Management (SIHOM)
  • Global Railroad & Transport Management (SIRA)
  • Media & Communication Arts (SIMA)
  • Culinary Arts (SICA)
  • Institut Paul Bocuse International Culinary Arts (IPB)
  • Restaurant & Entrepreneurship (SIRES)

These Programs are designed around the completion of 8 assessment periods to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. In the tables below, a typical first full year of cost is presented. Succeeding years will be less due to the exclusion of the Enrollment Fee. Students will follow the 8 assessment periods and normally will be scheduled to graduate in 4 years. An assessment period is defined as a Fall & Winter or a Spring & Summer study period. Summer & Fall study periods are optional except for the first year summer, which is mandatory.

Cost Estimates for Undergraduate Study

Estimated cost of living for first year of Undergraduate study 1
Total (Max)
Enrollment Fee $650 (one-time fee) $650
Residence $760.50 $227.50 $760.50 $227.50 $1,976
Daily meal3 $374.40 $112 $374.40 $112 $972.80
Activity Fee $28 $28
Insurance $70 $70 $140
Remittance4 $20 $20 $40
(4 semesters) $1,902.90 $339.50 $1,224.90 $339.50 $3,806.80.
(3 semesters) $1,902.90   $1,224.90 $339.50 $3,467.30
Tuition Costs for first year of study
4 semesters $3,198.60 $589.68 $3,198.60 $589.68 $7,576.56
3 Semesters $3,198.60   $3,198.60 $589.68 $6,986.88
3 Sem. Cost of Living + Tuition5: $10,454.18 4 Sem. Cost of Living + Tuition6: $11,383.36
4 Semesters $3,708 $685.08 $3,708 $685.08 $8,786.16
3 Semesters $3,708   $3,708 $685.08 $8,101.08
3 Sem. Cost of Living + Tuition5: $11,568.38 4 Sem. Cost of Living + Tuition6: $12,592.96
4 Semesters $3,996 $740.52 $3,996 $740.52 $9,473.04
3 Semesters $3,996   $3,996 $740.52 $8,732.52
3 Sem. Cost of Living + Tuition5: $12,199.82 4 Sem. Cost of Living + Tuition6: $13,279.84


  1. These costs do not include travel, books, personal expense, additional meals and incidentals
  2. Winter and summer study semesters are optional.; however, all first-year students must complete the first summer semester following enrollment. After that, students may choose to attend or not.
  3. A minimum of one meal per day is included in the dormitory contract, which is required by the dormitory catering service. Additional meals are available for about $3 each in the dormitory.
  4. Remittance fee for wire transfer. Ignore if paid in cash.
  5. Estimated cost with no scholarship and attending two mandatory 15-week semesters and one 5-week semester (summer semester in the first year is mandatory). No fees included for the second 5-week semester.
  6. Estimated cost with no scholarship and attending four semesters the first year.
  7. Hospitality, Culinary, Paul Bocuse and Restaurant Students will incur additional costs due to kitchen uniforms & knives and standard dress codes.
  • Admission Scholarships will reduce tuition only by the percentage awarded for the first semester. Actual values should not vary from the above estimates by more than 5%.
  • Costs are shown for both 3 semesters for the first year and 4 semesters for the first year. Three semesters are mandatory; if courses are offered by a department and enough students apply, students may study a 4th semester their first year.
  • Expenses for the initial week in South Korea are expected to be $300 - $350 (bus from Airport, medical check-up, personal care products, residence security card, local ID card registration, etc.).
  • An optional Student Council fee of approximately $270 will be assessed each student to cover student activities, excursions, off-site visits during the 3.5 years of study. Some departments include a school jacket and tee-shirts to students.
  • Culinary Arts students will be required to pay approximately $550 additional for uniforms and related items and a knife set.
  • Hospitality Management students will require a formal set of clothes which can be purchased anywhere in accordance with a standard model. Please inquire of the standard to enable purchasing these clothes in your home country.


  • MSc Hospitality Management
  • MSc International Events & Catering Management
  • Ph.D. Hospitality & Tourism Management

Estimated Costs for Graduate Study

Estimated Cost of Living Expenses for the first year of Graduate School
15 Weeks
Total (Max)
Enrollment $700 – Onetime Fee $700
Residence Minimum Monthly cost estimate including utilities and Internet: $320 $3,840
Insurance $110 $110 $220
Remittance $20 $20 $40
Estimated Total first-year Annual costs: $4,800
Tuition Costs for Master’s Degrees
<--> Hospitality Management <--> International Events & Catering Management <-->
Master’s Degree Tuition Maximum credits Maximum courses Cost per Semester Maximum Annual Cost Remarks
15-week sem1 9 4 $3,111 $6,222 Two 15-week semesters/year
5-week sem2 5 2 $518/credit $4,662 Assumes max of 9 credits
Total tuition for 2 Semesters of study3: $6,222 Total tuition for 4 Semesters of study4: $10,882
Cost of Living + Tuition for 2 Sem. Study: $11,022 Cost of living + Tuition for 4 Sem. Study: $15,682
Tuition Costs for Doctorate Degrees
<--> Hospitality & Tourism Management <-->
Doctoral Degree Tuition Maximum credits Maximum courses Cost per Semester Maximum Annual Cost Remarks
15-week Sem1 9 4 $4,150 $8,300 Two 15-week semesters/year
5-week Sem2 5 2 $692/Credit Total cost/year depends on if & when courses are offered
Total tuition for 12 months study5: $8,300
Cost of Living + Tuition for 12 months: $13,100

Please note the footnotes to the references within the table for explanation and clarification

  1. The 15-week semester cost is regardless of how many courses a student elects to study
  2. The 5-week semester courses may or may not be offered, depending on faculty & student availability
  3. Includes two 15-week semesters only & 12 months of cost of living to complete up to 18 credits
  4. Includes two, 15-week semesters and two 5-week semesters of study, and 12 months of Cost of Living
  5. Includes two, 15-week semesters of study only
  • The remittance fee is for inbound wire transfer. Ignore if paid in cash.
  • Above costs are best estimates: actual values should not vary by more than 5%
  • A minimum of two semesters is offered each year; If faculty and students agree, additional semesters (Summer & Winter) may be offered.
  • Graduate students are expected to live off-campus. Student services will assist students to find suitable housing.