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Review Process and Admission Decision

When all documents have been submitted and reviewed, those whose application has been accepted should be aware of the following procedures to minimize wasted time and to facilitate acquisition of a Korean student visa to appear in time for student orientation, generally held during the week prior to the first day of classes. The following steps occur:

1. a Letter of Acceptance is issued to the student which is emailed to the student along with an invoice for the first Assessment Period expenses which include tuition, dormitory and daily residence meal fees, health insurance, activity fee and scholarship discount (where applicable).

2. Upon receipt of the Letter of Acceptance, the student who wishes to be admitted should pay the invoice as soon as possible to avoid delays. Some countries require several days or weeks to execute the transfer so it is important that delays in payment be avoided. Payment must be made in USD.

3. Upon receipt and verification of payment by the University, a visa application package is prepared and sent to the student by private courier which generally takes 3-5 working days to be delivered to the student.

4. With the visa application package, the student must take these documents, a viable passport and original supporting documents (check with your local Korean Consulate/embassy beforehand) to the closest Korean consulate/embassy to apply for a visa. The embassy will require an application document be completed at the embassy to accompany the other documents.

5. A student who is successful at receiving a student visa should make immediate plans to arrive at Woosong University during the week prior to Orientation, which is approximately two-weeks prior to the first day of classes.

If the above procedures are followed in a timely fashion, students should arrive in time for Orientation and the first day of classes. Arriving late such that classes or Orientation are missed, will not be permitted.