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2020 Fall Semester Operations Guideline

Writer : 학과관리자 | Date : 2020.08.26 | Hit : 5,389

2020 Fall Semester Operations Guideline


Due to the ongoing spread of COVID19 infection, the second semester will continue in uncertainty and in limited academic management like the first semester.

After having received various opinions from university members, the university will proceed fall semester operations according to the degree of COVID19 infection spread.


1. Phased Operational Plan

Government Management Phase

2020 Fall Semester Operation

Return to Normal

Face-to-face class

Social Distancing Stage 1

Blended online/offline

Social Distancing Stage 2

Restricted onsite face-to-face

Social Distancing Stage 3

All courses online

* All subjects will be fully online for 2 weeks once semester begins


2. Method of Evaluation

-Adoption of modified relative evaluation 
(Up to 50% for A/A+, 50% or more for B+ and lower)




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