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Professor Bhandari's research team's new publication in International Journal

Writer : 학과관리자 | Date : 2020.08.26 | Hit : 4,887

Professor Binayak Bhandari, department head of Sol International Global Railroad & Transport Management (SIRA), recently published a paper titled, “Development of a real-time security management system for restricted access areas using computer vision and deep learning” which is online and ready to be downloaded. In the paper, he and his colleague developed a cloud-based deep-learning platform to detect intruders in restricted areas to inform security agencies in real-time. This will help to safeguard important installations and will ensure public safety.



This research comes out of Woosong University's new "Smart Structure Design Lab", one of the only labs run completely by international faculty. 



Congratulations to Dr. Bhandari and his colleague on their research.