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Special Lectures

Special Lecture by Dr Won-eung Kim, General Manager, International Cooperation Department, Korail

Writer : admin | Date : 2019.11.26 | Hit : 3,403

Dr. Won-eung Kim visited Woosong University on 13th November 2019 and delivered an hour lecture on the Current Status of Eurasian Railway and Development Strategies for Korean Railway to the students in the Global Railroad & Transport Management Department, Sol International School (SIS).

The lecture covered in detail the status operation and development strategies for the Korean Railway, a comparison of railway operation status in the Eurasian continent (which includes South Korea, North Korea, China, & Russia), and the development of the Korean Railway. It was observed that there was great interest in the topic and it generated discussion within the student cohort of the department.  Professors of the department - Prof. Binayak Bhandari, Prof. Anura Amarasena and Prof. Richard Fuchs were also present on this occasion.