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Special Lectures

Distinguished Lecture- Professor Kwon Tae Myun

Writer : admin | Date : 2019.06.20 | Hit : 2,988

On 14 June 2019, SIRA (The Department of Railroad and Transport Management) had the honour of having Professor Kwon Tae Myun from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Woosong University to give a distinguished lecture. Professor Kwon Tae Myun lectured on ODA (Official Development Assistance) and Korea’s Development Cooperation Policy. The professor discussed interesting topics such as how ODA was the only source of capital of Korea after the Korean War, military support, humanitarian relief and necessities of basic life during these difficult years. The professor also discussed the evolution of the Korean economy from ODA to its current status as a leader in Asia in several economic categories and how now, it is Korea that is providing aid to other countries through KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency). The United Nations and their support and Korea’s role in that support were also explored. Questions were asked by students and faculty and Professor Kwon Tae Myun provided informative answers. In conclusion, all who attended walked away with a greater appreciation of what ODA provided for Korea and how this catapulted the Korean economy to its current state.