Special Lectures

SIMA Special Lecture - Art, Media Strategies and Emeging Visualities - on 18th of December, 2017, Monday.

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SIMA Dept is going to organize a Special Lecture titled : Art, Media Strategies and Emeging Visualities on the 18th of December, 2017, Monday.  The guest speaker for this special lecture is Emilio Vavarella


Emilio Vavarella is an artist whose work blends interdisciplinary art practice and theoretical research and is centered around the study of the relationship between humans and technological power. His works present a combination of using new technologies with alternative (non-productive, poetic, dysfunctional) goals in mind, imagining technology’s future effects through the use of speculative fiction, and decontextualizing and misusing technology to reveal its hidden mechanisms.


Emilio is currently working toward a PhD in Film and Visual Studies and Critical Media Practice at Harvard University. He holds an M.A. cum laude in Visual Arts from Iuav University of Venice, with study abroad fellowships at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel Aviv and Bilgi University of Istanbul and received a B.A. cum laude in Visual, Cultural, and Media Studies from the University of Bologna.